The Clean and Lean 15: The foods you love done cleaner

Who wants to pass on the foods they love? Chocolate cake.  Cookies. Mac ‘n cheese. Tacos. Not me, and I bet, not you.  I mean, life is hard enough! Let me show you how to rehab your favorites, without one bite of sacrifice, in a fraction of the time. It’s FREE.

How to Meal Prep Like a Boss - 5 Video Series:

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14 Day RESET Challenge

PLUS, FREE 30-recipe Abs are Made in the Kitchen book.

Life is how you eat it. If you get your food house in order, all the other pieces start to fall into place.  Hit the Fit Life Reset Button and join my 14 Day Eat Cleaner Challenge to make real shift happen in 2019.  Let’s hear it for all the BHAGS! (Big Hairy-Ass Goal Diggers).  It’s FREE.


Do any of these words describe you…..Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Frustrated? Stressed?

Then our 10 Day Mommy Reset is a MUST.

Lisa Druxman, Founder and Creator of Fit4Mom and Mareya Ibrahim, Founder and Creator of Eat Cleaner help lead you through an easy-to-follow 10-day program. You’ll get 7 videos, tips, tools and invaluable guidance from two super busy CEO moms who have made it their mission to keep you healthy from head to toe – from focus to food, fitness to mindfulness – and it’s all FREE!