It’s February- the American Heart Month and it’s time to dish about ‘hearty’ exercise and the truth behind heart diseases.  Mareya’s guest for this episode is Lori Corbin. She’s a food coach and a journalist for the KABC-TV. She’s gone through decades being the font of knowledge and providing people nationwide with the best answers, exercise routines, and nutrition advice to make your health a treasure and your biggest priority.

“Make it easy for yourself to be successful and actually enjoy it. If you don’t, you’re not going to stick with it.”

  • Lori Corbin

“Exercise- knowing who you are and knowing how you can get after it, so you don’t feel ashamed if you didn’t achieve it, is what you need for yourself.. ”

  • Lori Corbin


0:12 It’s American Heart Month – let’s dish about ‘hearty’ exercise

2:48 Our guest today is Lori Corbin – she’s the font of knowledge

4:45 Over time we’ve seen the food and exercise trends cycle and cycle

5:57 Everyone started exercising again during the Covid pandemic because of the training videos – a trend awakening again

7:23 Is there permanent damage? Virtual reality will stay for a while.

9:44 We miss our workout buddies.

11:15 Oura rings

13:50 Don’t make excuses- use your own body for exercise

18:46 Start your routine and make it a habit

23:54 Take it in. The exercise reaches so much further


Meet Lori Corbin. KABC-TV’s Eyewitness News Food & Fitness Reporter for twenty years.  The only ‘food and fitness coach’ in television news.

Corbin owned and operated a chain of exercise studios and a low-fat catering business. Her “Food Coach” program slimmed-down notables like Tim Allen, Billy Zane, Patricia Richardson, and a cast of soap stars. Corbin also spent three years reporting on nutrition and fitness at KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona.

Corbin has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and certifications in personal training and group exercise. She is a member of the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

She continues her food and fitness coaching through personal training and group exercise.  Her latest venture: A ‘media mentor’ program along with filming, editing, and coaching those who want to better improve media performance.


Articles by Lori Corbin: 

The book mentioned in this episode “BJ Fogg – Tiny Habits”:

Link to pre-order the book, Eat Like You Give a Fork


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