Cmon, let that little kid out. The movement doesn’t have to be hard. It’s beneficial even when you’re having fun and fooling around with the exercise equipment in your nearest gym or home. Even walks with your dog or playing games in the back garden are ways to get your ‘hearthy exercise on. In part two, Lori shares with the listeners her best three exercise equipment pieces to have. We talk about plants as medication replacements and how movement programs are for youngsters and seniors.

“We know movement is good for us. How can we move to make ourselves happy?

-Lori Corbin

“Exercise is not a substitute for a poor diet. You can’t train out the bad food.”

  • Mareya Ibrahim


0:15 You’d just have to move- that’s it

0:55 It’s ‘play and fun’ and this episode is for you

1:58 Exercise as medicine should be implemented

3:15 Take your own health into your own hands

4:20 The fit just gets fitter- there are programs for even seniors

6:10 No matter the age- everyone can take the heat of it

7:20 You always need to be supportive- let’s tailor the process

9:12 Food will make the difference- heal your body with food

11:28 Why don’t we just eat flowers?

13:44 The benefits are in nature- veggies on your plate

15:22 If you were running as a kid, you are healthier in the future

17:21 Pick your own sport and make it a habit

20:53 Three pieces of exercise equipment and the best investment for yourself

27:48 Have fun with movement

28:55 This shouldn’t be hard, spend time with your dog or family

29:35 Connect with Lori on media


Meet Lori Corbin. KABC-TV’s Eyewitness News Food & Fitness Reporter for twenty years.  The only ‘food and fitness coach’ in television news.

Corbin owned and operated a chain of exercise studios and a low-fat catering business. Her “Food Coach” program slimmed-down notables like Tim Allen, Billy Zane, Patricia Richardson, and a cast of soap stars. Corbin also spent three years reporting on nutrition and fitness at KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona.

Corbin has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and certifications in personal training and group exercise. She is a member of the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

She continues her food and fitness coaching through personal training and group exercise.  Her latest venture: A ‘media mentor’ program along with filming, editing, and coaching those who want to better improve media performance.


Articles by Lori Corbin: 

The book mentioned in this episode “BJ Fogg – Tiny Habits”:

Link to pre-order the book, Eat Like You Give a Fork


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