There are over 48 million cases of food born illnesses in the United States solely, 3000 of which were with fatal outcome. What can we do to increase the awareness of importance of eating cleanly and healthy and prevent such disastrous statistics from occurring in future? In this episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, learn how Mareya’s personal story taught her that the ‘usual’ safety measures for protecting our plates are just NOT ENOUGH. Mareya shares 7 invaluable tips on why this is our DUTY.

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“Think about every bite as being an opportunity to Heal, to Strengthen, to boost your energy, your vitality!”

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

2:27 – Why did Mareya start her Clean Eating journey

            6:06  – (Tip 1) Shop with your eyes opened

            7:02  – (Tip 2) Avoid the additives

            8:08  – (Tip 3) Pick your produce wisely

            9:22 – (Tip 4) Give your food a real WASH

            10:42 – (Tip 5) Don’t let your fowl go foul

            12:35 – (Tip 6) Select your seafood safely    

         14:38 – (Tip 7) Watch out the temperature – Chill out!