The Glutathione Revolution with Ali Landry and Dr. Nayan Patel ​ ​

Ali Landry, Actress, Host & Wellness Explorer RE/SHAPE​ RE/SHAPE by Ali Landry focuses specifically on natural​ health and wellness, fitness, and beauty. She has created this on-line platform​ as a place where women can learn about the very best resources for those who​ are striving to RESHAPE their lives and live an optimal healthy lifestyle.​

Dr. Nayan Patel is one of Ali’s RE/SHAPE all-stars. Dr. Patel is a world famous doctor and chemist who has created the only topical absorbable glutathione in the world, allowing for the highest absorption levels possible. As you may know, Glutathione is known as the “master antioxidant” for the body. Using patented sub-nano delivery technology, this high grade glutathione is a game changer for over-all health and wellness. This conversation will educate you and inspire you to include glutathione in your daily wellness self-care practices. Dr. Patel is the creator of medical grade formulas for products presented by leading global wellness and natural lifestyle advocates. You don’t want to miss this! ​