In this episode you will find out more about Mareya’s life-changing magic of tidying up your food house. Mareya gives us an insight into what motivated her to ever think about getting rid of the unnecessary stuff (‘shtaff’ as she humorously refers to it :)) , first from her closet, but then applied the same philosophy to food house! You will learn about what you can do to make way for the good stuff in your fridge and pantry. Have marvelous time listening to Mareya’s episode ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Food House’!  Pssst… text ECJFREE to 22828 to opt in for the Clean eating 14 day reset Mareya mentions in this episode! This is Mareya’s free 14 day program that will help you get organized, purge and get this system humming for you!  

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“You want to eat the good stuff, you want to do it frequently and you want to stoke your metabolism! That is what will bring you joy!”

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

1:00 – Why Mareya’s obsessed with Marie Kondo! 

            4:40 – What was the big ‘A-ha!’ moment for Mareya

            8:27 –  How to start getting rid of the ‘shtaff’! 

            11:03 – Sugar and sodium intake goals

            14:13 – What your fridge will look like when you’ve removed the ‘shtaff’! 

            17:14 – Learn how to organize, purge and get this system humming for you!