In this episode of the podcast, Mareya uses personal story to illustrate the ever burning matter of Food safety standards, or better said, the lack of them in certain cases. Learn what your favorite restaurants fail to do when it comes to food safety and protection of consumers. Learn how to handle the situations where your own health could be compromised and get motivated to REFUSE to allow it to happen in the EP 16 – Is Eating Out Worth the Risk? What You Need to Know

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‘ When you eat out do ask questions, you have the right to know, because, food poisoning is no forking small matter!’

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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0:59 – Mareya speaks about an ironic story of how she’d coped with being sick on an significant event 

6:40  – Discussion about Safety food standards in restaurants 

11:15 – Is zero-risk eating even possible??

11:34 – Concrete recommendations by The Fit Foodie

13:45 – Staying alert to how cooks are handling food

15:18 – What Mareya’s conversation with a famous attorney brought to an attention!

16:12 – Food poisoning is no forking small matter