On today’s episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, Mareya shares her inspiring story of going through the fight with eating disorder, that’s applicable to anybody. Most importantly, this story is REAL, and will make you ponder on the choices you make on a daily basis when it comes to nutrition. Find out what’s been a Clean sweep for Mareya  and how you can learn to ‘think before you bite’ in yet another great podcast episode of ‘Recipes for Your Best Life’!

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“To be at the table together actually means so much more than the food that brings us there.”
– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

            2:08 – Mareya talks about her personal fight against an eating disorder

            5:12 – Clean sweep – a healthy relationship with food!

            8:35 – Think before you bite!

            13:03 – This show is for the REAL people