On today’s episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, Mareya interviews Marisa Wayne, who has been involved in the group fitness industry since the late 1980s. She studied Exercise Science in college and has lead numerous group fitness classes including Step and High-Impact Aerobics, Circuit Training, Yoga, and Indoor Cycling. She is the daughter of the legendary actor John Wayne. Join us on this episode, and see what this amazing person has to share with us! 

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When it comes to food, don’t go overboard on one thing even if it’s healthy – give yourself a variety!”

– Marisa Wayne, the president of Grit Cycle

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         TIME STAMPS:

2:22 – Marisa’s father John spent a lot of time in a saddle – and so does Marisa, but in what ways? 

2:22 – Marisa’s father John spent a lot of time in a saddle – and so does Marisa, but in what ways? 

4:31 – Marisa tells us more about her fitness centre called Gritcycle and its splendid charitable activities

            9:30 – Where the roots of Marisa’s views on health and fitness started

            10:55 – What was growing up in a Wayne family like…

            15:01 – Marisa describes her favorite dish – THE soup!

            16:38 – How you can be a fit foodie EVERY day

            5:12 – Clean sweep – a healthy relationship with food!

            8:35 – Think before you bite!

            13:03 – This show is for the REAL people



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