Have you ever been in a situation that you have to say ‘Sorry for what I said when I was hungry!’ ? What’s the ‘hangry’ disease? Can’t it be avoided? Also, why does eating regularly seems like an easy concept, but in practice, it’s so hard to follow for so many people out there? Stay tued in this exciting episode with Mareya, and find out the answers to how to avoid these scenarios, and also get valuable insight into remarkable healthy meal ideas that Mareya shares with us! 

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“Your body is super – smart! It knows when to lockdown – we don’t want it to lockdown, we want it to BURN, baby, BURN!”

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

2:08 – How do snacks sabotage your diet

            3:44 – Why your body loves routine and what’s the better strategy

            5:53 – Why does eating regularly seems like such an easy task, yet many people can’t seem to fulfill 

            9:59 – How do you avoid the ‘hangry’ disease

            12:21 – Quick meal ideas to help satisfy you when the hunger pings and you can’t seem to function properly