Can’t sleep? Feeling sad? The trouble with digestion?  It is a growing sign of the times, but the truth is you may be missing out on some very valuable nutrients that are hindering your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  In my discussion with Bernadette Judge, RN with Nupeutics Health, we dive into some of the common symptoms when you’re feeling out of whack, and how to simply remedy them with food, supplements and hydration.  No FOMO here, just the facts!


“Get into having a sleeping routine. This helps your body to relax and turn to silent mode before going to bed.”

  • Bernadette Judge, RN

“When you’re in a great mental place, your body can start to heal itself.”

  • Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

Bernadette Judge, RN, is a whole-body wellness health expert focusing on preventive medicine. After a long career in healthcare serving as a medical researcher, lead nurse in both OBGYN and outpatient surgery she decided to study integrative medicine.  Because of her personal experience caring for both her father and best friend during their battles with long-term illnesses, Bernadette is more passionate than ever about working to diagnose conditions as early as possible and finding holistic treatments that reduce the risk of side effects and complications. She is known for her balanced approach uniting both Western and Eastern medicine.

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1:05   Try out those new fun recipes with the Panasonic multi oven

2:41    So you can’t sleep? You’re missing out on these things

4:18    Meet our guest – Bernadette Judge

5:09    The things we’re not discussing- what did you hear and do you agree?

7:04    It could have been worse – it’s a gentle wakeup call

8:20    Mental aspects – during the times of the Covid

11:58    Immunity ladder & stress – supplements

14:54    CBD – medication or taking the edge off

17:25    Our system can be stimulated and get stuff going – repairing the damage

18:30    We need to get moving and get that serotonin flowing

22:01    We take our breath for granted

24:15    Haven’t slept great recently? Do this and feel the difference

26:44    Treatments and supplements for better sleep – magnesium

28:55    Vitamin D & zinc deficiency – food vs supplements

30:56    Your Hormonal Rollercoaster – from teen to mature

31:57    Microbiome – what is it?

34:36    Boosting the microbiome – probiotics – let’s balance it out

38:36    Hydration is essential – don’t dehydrate

42:00    Antioxidants – boost your immunity

44:11     If you don’t get nutrients through food, supplement

46:16    Juice can be high on sugar but it can be a treat

47:51    Additional tips – a handful of stress relievers & self-care

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