What if you could unlock the fountain of youth and the ability to super-armor your body, naturally? Best. News. Ever. Right? Well, the body has a remarkable ability to ward off disease and heal itself–and it does it with the help of the most important antioxidant you’ve never heard of: glutathione (GSH), the “master antioxidant.” In this episode, we’ll dive into the life-transforming power of glutathione with Dr. Patel.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss – only if you want to feel better than ever!


“Each person has to look at their body and figure out what they need. Food has to bring pleasure to your body and not the tongue. ”
Dr. Nayal Patel

“Your body is a remarkable machine. You need to eat the right food and your body has the ability to heal itself.”
–Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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Glutathione, the molecule that is responsible for detoxifying your body from physical and chemical stress

Nayan Patel, PharmD.

One of the most common questions I get from consumers and health enthusiasts after they hear about my work is: “What exactly is Glutathione and what are the benefits?”

In short, Glutathione (GSH) is the second most abundant molecule in the body, with water being the most abundant. More specifically, GSH is an endogenous (made within the human body) tripeptide protein molecule. It is also known as the ‘Master Antioxidant,’ as it is in charge of all systemic detoxification and cellular function—and also has the ability to recycle itself and amplify the effects of all other antioxidants, like vitamin C.

One of Glutathione’s vital responsibilities is to help detoxify the body from free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

In a nutshell, GSH takes electrons from free radicals that cause oxidative damage and neutralizes them (kills them off) in an electron transfer process. Since free radicals by nature are missing an electron and scavenging the body looking to steal electrons from other molecules to complete themselves, Glutathione is essential as it stands guard like a “Master” sergeant to save the day and neutralize these free radicals so they do not harm out bodies. These dead free radicals are now rushed out of the body—mostly through bile and urine.

The next common question I get asked is: “If I know that my body works to clear toxins out, why do I need to be aware of this ‘Master Antioxidant’ and why do I care?”

Well, that is a fair question, and the answer is a bit layered:

To summarize the main reason that we need to understand our Glutathione levels is to know how the supply and demand ratio fluctuates and if our body’s demand is higher than the supply produced.

Due to environmental toxins, poor diet, genetic predispositions, age, and all types of stress, our Glutathione stores decrease rapidly. What causes it to decrease are the issues I just listed—which in turn, now takes more Glutathione to deal with those same issues.  It becomes a vicious cycle of the supply having a harder and harder time to meet the growing demand as we age.

To answer in a more molecular biological way:

GSH depends on 3 amino acids (glutamine, glycine and cysteine) and 2 enzymatic process reactions. Any disruptions (issues listed above) in the reaction process or availability of these 3 amino acids can result in low GSH levels.

The effects of low GSH along with other factors can lead to a laundry list of unwanted medical conditions and disease states. Everything from Type ll Diabetes, Parkinson’s, serious Viruses, Alzheimer’s, heavy-metal toxicity, leaky gut, Autoimmune diseases, Autism, and even things like PTSD, anxiety and depression.

I’d call any of these medical conditions enough of a reason to consider supplementing with a bioavailable form of glutathione.

Hence, why I wrote my book, “The Glutathione Revolution” and developed Glutathione in the most absorbable form. I wrote the book to share all the life changing knowledge I’ve collected about Glutathione, and I was passionate about giving individuals a way to get Glutathione back into their body effectively.

If I am being honest, creating an absorbable form of Glutathione has been my biggest challenge, and my number one passion project as a pharmacist and humanitarian.

There are other delivery mechanisms of Glutathione on the market, but they are highly ineffective and not bioavailable.

The problem with ingesting oral supplements is that the enzymes in our digestive tract will break down the Glutathione into various amino acids, compromising these Glutathione building blocks before they have a chance to absorb and enter the bloodstream. An individual would need an extremely high number of milligrams of oral GSH to get even small results.

Therefore, all oral forms were not an option for me.

The other delivery forms available of GSH are liposomal and sublingual.

These liposomes are usually artificial spherical vessels, designed to deliver ingredients through the slow, sticky lipid channels of the skin, and not the water channels, which drastically reduces the potential for potency and absorbability.

Sublingual forms, under the tongue delivery mechanisms, are usually oil-based. Therefore, any GSH is compromised and not thoroughly absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. If sublingual methods are water-based, the enzymes will denature the protein into amino acids again not being effective.

To date, the only true fire method of delivering glutathione has been through intravenous methods. The problem here is that the GSH is used up in the average human body anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours. Therefore, getting a daily and constant GSH IV push is not feasible or realistic for most humans.

Thus, I had a steep mountain in front of me to make Glutathione available to all. When I first started to work with the molecule, I quickly learned that it is extremely unstable. This is where my quest began, and I embraced the challenge of taming this unruly molecule, with the goal of stabilizing Glutathione, and keeping it in a sub-nano reduced form, so our bodies could absorb it through the tiny water channels of our skin.

One of my greatest joys was conquering this goal, and creating an absorbable, stable and effective GSH molecule. We recently patented the topical GSH and its sub-nano molecular delivery mechanism. Since then, I have spent the last several years working with physicians all over the United states to assist in achieving wellness for their patients. I have seen how they were able to deliver results to their patients and that is why I wrote ‘The Glutathione Revolution’ and created a product line, Auro Wellness and Auro Skincare, to share this information and offer the vast benefits to the public.


1:11 Life can be really boring when the food is boring

2:46 Your body is a remarkable machine

4:19 Meet our guest – Dr. Nayal Patel

5:33 Going the non-drug route – your heritage is a huge factor here

7:02 Growing up really fast- how to find yourself maturing more efficiently

9:14 Glutathione – the fundamentals and definition

11:45 Should we supplement?

13:50 Your habits make a difference here – who you are?

17:42 Can we call it the ‘fountain of youth’?

20:30 Balance out the bad and good bacteria in your body

22:59 Highest of highs & lowest of lows – the reaction

25:59 Spray product – the most reliable method to consume

28:03 Oxygen stress – how to get rid of it?

30:09 Avoid these diseases by supplementing already know

32:14 Eat what your body needs

34:18 Let’s talk about the book –

36:41 Family story – the change it caused

40:45 It’s truly a bio-hack



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