On today’s episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, Mareya talks about the how fundraiser event she attended surprisingly made her fall in love with the delicious food she tasted. Mareya also discusses the urge of our bodies and minds for a balanced diet and how we can eat whatever we want and still not feel stuffed like turkey. How to prevent yourself from over-indulging? What is the 90/10 rule? Get comfy, relax and enjoy another great episode by Mareya’s podcast Recipes for Your Best Life, and you will soon find out! 

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“If you’re eating properly 90 percent of the time, 10 percent of the time you can eat what you want!”

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

1:46 – How Mareya ‘fell in love’ unintentionally with the food she tasted

            6:27  – What is the 90-10 rule, and why it’s important

            14:09  – The dignity in the way food feeds our body mind and soul

            15:56 – What is a Dolce vita of food?