In this episode of the podcast, Mareya discusses the ever-present and burning topic – DIEt. In what ways do diets put stress on our bodies? What are some other health related negative repercussions that the diets may incite. More precisely, how do they affect your blood sugar level? Ultimately, how can we drink from the fountain of youth is what Mareya answers in this episode! Make sure to check out Mareya’s new book called Eat Like You Give a Fork!

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“Once the knowledge of how to eat better is in your head, it’s in your heart, it’s on your tongue – you need to get it into your belly, eat and repeat and do it often!”

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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         TIME STAMPS:

2:18 – An overlooked strategy to maintain health – managing your blood sugar

            6:17 – Truly understanding real nutrition

            7:33 – How to balance your blood sugar and get the metabolism going

            12:16 – Ditching the diet mentality 

            15:06 – How to create good habits

            17:41- Mareya talks about what a taste bud reset is