In this new episode of Recipes for Your Best Life, Mareya talks about how girls can conquer the task of grilling. From choosing the right grill to the most delicious veggie dishes cooked on coals, Mareya has your back while you take over the role on the BBQ.  Stay tuned for another awesome episode by Mareya, The Fit Foodie. 

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‘The great thing about the grill is that it’s almost fail-proof. You can cook just about anything, even dessert and pizza. And have it taste amazing within minutes.’

– Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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Mareya Ibrahim

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1:08         Mareya’s dad and her love for grilling 

2:20          The gender role controversy 

3:49          TTFF-approach

5:00          List of the must-haves in  the grilling arsenal

5:40          Safety first -why you should clean your grill?

7:49          The tools you need 

13:18        Right techniques – avoid the char

15:25        Make it full with flavors

20:10        Have FUN and enjoy it