This episode is dedicated in loving memory to my beautiful mother, Janette Ibrahim. She loved a good time, food, art, her faith and her family. She also loved this book when I read it out loud to her because it invited her to experience a taste of cultures all over the world when she wasn’t able to physically travel anymore. There’s something about reading out loud as an adult that gives your inner kid and wanderlust a lot of love. Take that trip. Hug that loved one. Eat that bite. Share that meal. And enjoy that experience like it’s your last.

Mama, you will be missed.

About Rap Around the World Rap Around The World is a fanciful armchair journey tt takes children to 8 of the world’s capital cities for a taste of culture, food and notable sites, led by Dr. Beat, their rhyming emcee of travel. With each location, they get a clue of where they’ll be off to next, along with interactive movement that gets them off their feet and into the story. They’ll soon discover that even though our world is a big place with a lot of variety, we share some very important things in common that bridge the gap of understanding, unity and love.

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‘Rap Around the World’ is a kids’ story but it’s fun for parents to read to their kids too!’ – Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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Mareya Ibrahim
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1:04         A sad message and the aftermath
1:50          “Rap Around the World” and the manuscript
3:30          Mareya reads excerpts from the book



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