Recipes For Your Best Life is out with a new episode and it’s something you want to hear. Mareya takes a chuck out of her new upcoming book “Eat Like You Give A Fork” and explains the 90-10 rule that will change your life. She hands you over her 8 magical ways for how to stay on track on the rules of the engagement and much more. Stay tuned for another awesome episode by Mareya, The Fit Foodie. Podcast available to subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes

‘Don’t count the bites. Make every bite count’ Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foodie

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RESOURCES: Mareya Ibrahim Link to pre-order the book Enter your order number and get my 8-week program, The Tastebud Reset, free ($99 value). TIME STAMPS:

1:05          Mareya’s experience while studying in Italy

1:44          #1 Best dairy on food

2:08          #2 Locally milled flour and baked bread

2:30          #3 Small portions, yet satisfied

2:56          #4 Avoidance of sweetened drinks

3:05           #5 Take it easy and chew slowly

3:40          #6 Dinner parties and good company

4:02          #7 No snacking or fast food love

4:15          #8 Not too much coffee

4:29          La dolce icima vita

5:42          Can you have the carnal joy to eat what you want?

6:05          The 90/10 Rule

8:02          Your hormones have it on full steam

11:25        Let’s define “a little”

14:05        The rules of the engagement and joy of food

16:32        8 ways to keep your 90-10 rule in check

16:38        #1 Plan your 10% meals

16:48        #2 Plan your 10% for the weekend

17:15        #3 Remember, it’s a meal and not a food orgy

17:22        #4 Calories

17:40        #5 Make it GOOD

17:51        #6 Drink your water

18:05        #7 Don’t bring junk food home

18:52        #8 Share the goodies